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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

con•gru•entˈkɒŋ gru ənt, kənˈgru-, kəŋ-(adj.)

  1. agreeing; accordant; congruous.

  2. of or pertaining to two numbers related by a congruence.

    Category: Math

  3. (of geometric figures) coinciding at all points when superimposed:

    congruent triangles.

    Category: Math

Origin of congruent:

1375–1425; < L congruent-,congruens <congruere to agree


Princeton's WordNet

  1. congruous, congruent(adj)

    corresponding in character or kind

  2. congruent(adj)

    coinciding when superimposed


  1. congruent(Adjective)

    Corresponding in character.

  2. congruent(Adjective)


  3. congruent(Adjective)

    Having a difference divisible by a modulus.

  4. congruent(Adjective)

    Coinciding exactly when superimposed.

  5. Origin: from congruens, present active participle of congruo.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Congruent(adj)

    possessing congruity; suitable; agreeing; corresponding

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Kernerman English Multilingual Dictionary


of two or more geometrical figures, touching at all points when one is fitted on top of the other

congruent triangles.

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