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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

con•fidekənˈfaɪd(v.)-fid•ed, -fid•ing.

  1. (v.i.)to discuss private matters or problems (usu. fol. by in).

  2. to have full trust; have faith.

  3. (v.t.)to tell in assurance of secrecy.

  4. to entrust to the charge or knowledge of another.

Origin of confide:

1625–35; < L confīdere=con-con - +fīdere to trust, akin to foedus


Princeton's WordNet

  1. confide(verb)

    reveal in private; tell confidentially

  2. entrust, intrust, trust, confide, commit(verb)

    confer a trust upon

    "The messenger was entrusted with the general's secret"; "I commit my soul to God"


  1. confide(Verb)

    To trust, have faith (in).

  2. confide(Verb)

    To entrust (something) to the responsibility of someone.

    I confide this mission to you alone.

  3. confide(Verb)

    To take (someone) into one's confidence, to speak in secret with. ( + in)

    I could no longer keep this secret alone; I decided to confide in my brother.

  4. confide(Verb)

    To say (something) in confidence.

  5. Origin: From confido, from con- + fido; see faith, fidelity.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Confide(verb)

    to put faith (in); to repose confidence; to trust; -- usually followed by in; as, the prince confides in his ministers

  2. Confide(verb)

    to intrust; to give in charge; to commit to one's keeping; -- followed by to

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Kernerman English Multilingual Dictionary


to tell one's private thoughts to someone

He confided in his brother; He confided his fears to his brother.

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