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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

con•cur•rentkənˈkɜr ənt, -ˈkʌr-(adj.)

  1. occurring or existing simultaneously or side by side:

    serving two concurrent prison sentences.

  2. acting in conjunction; cooperating:

    the concurrent efforts of medical researchers.

  3. having equal authority or jurisdiction:

    concurrent courts of law.

  4. accordant or agreeing.

  5. intersecting or tending to intersect at the same point:

    four concurrent lines.

    Category: Math

  6. (n.)a concurrent action, process, effort, etc.

Origin of concurrent:

1375–1425; late ME (< MF) < L concurrent-, s. of concurrēns, prp. of concurrere to run together; see concur


Princeton's WordNet

  1. concurrently, at the same time(adverb)

    overlapping in duration

    "concurrently with the conference an exhibition of things associated with Rutherford was held"; "going to school and holding a job at the same time"


  1. concurrently(Adverb)

    in a concurrent manner; at the same time

Webster Dictionary

  1. Concurrently(adverb)

    with concurrence; unitedly

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