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Random House Webster's College Dictionary


  1. expressing much in few words; brief but comprehensive; succinct; terse.

* Syn: concise , succinct , terse refer to speech or writing that uses few words to say much. concise implies that unnecessary details or verbiage have been eliminated: a concise summary of a speech. succinct suggests clarity of expression as well as brevity: praised for her succinct statement of the problem. terse suggests brevity combined with wit or polish to produce particularly effective expression; however, it may also suggest brusqueness: a terse prose style; offended by a terse reply.

Origin of concise:

1580–90; < L concīsus cut short, orig. ptp. of concīdere to cut up


Princeton's WordNet

  1. concisely, briefly, shortly, in brief, in short(adverb)

    in a concise manner; in a few words

    "the history is summed up concisely in this book"; "she replied briefly"; "briefly, we have a problem"; "to put it shortly"


  1. concisely(Adverb)

    In a concise manner, briefly, without excessive length.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Concisely(adverb)

    in a concise manner; briefly

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