Definitions for conciliatorykənˈsɪl i əˌtɔr i, -ˌtoʊr i; -iˌeɪ tɪv, -ə tɪv, -ˈsɪl yə-

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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

con•cil•i•a•to•rykənˈsɪl i əˌtɔr i, -ˌtoʊr i; -iˌeɪ tɪv, -ə tɪv, -ˈsɪl yə-(adj.)

also con•cil•i•a•tive

  1. tending to conciliate:

    a conciliatory manner.

Origin of conciliatory:



Princeton's WordNet

  1. compromising, conciliatory, flexible(adj)

    making or willing to make concessions

    "loneliness tore through him...whenever he thought of...even the compromising Louis du Tillet"

  2. conciliatory, conciliative(adj)

    intended to placate

    "spoke in a conciliating tone"; "a conciliatory visit"


  1. conciliatory(Adjective)

    willing to conciliate, or to make concessions

Webster Dictionary

  1. Conciliatory(adj)

    tending to conciliate; pacific; mollifying; propitiating

Translations for conciliatory

From our Multilingual Dictionary

  • умиротворяващ, помирителенBulgarian
  • smířlivýCzech
  • versöhnlichGerman
  • συμφιλιωτικός, διαλλακτικός, συμβιβαστικόςGreek
  • myöntyväinen, sovittelevaFinnish
  • accommodantFrench
  • умиротворя́ющий, примири́тельныйRussian
  • uzlaştırıcı, barıştırıcı, gönül alıcıTurkish


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