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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

con•cedekənˈsid(v.)-ced•ed, -ced•ing.

  1. (v.t.)to acknowledge as true, just, or proper; admit, often grudgingly:

    He finally conceded that she was right.

  2. to acknowledge (an opponent's victory, score, etc.) before it is officially established:

    to concede an election.

  3. to grant as a right or privilege; yield.

  4. (v.i.)to make concession; yield; admit.

Origin of concede:

1625–35; < L concēdere=con-con - +cēdere to withdraw, yield, cede


Princeton's WordNet

  1. concede, profess, confess(verb)

    admit (to a wrongdoing)

    "She confessed that she had taken the money"

  2. concede, yield, grant(verb)

    be willing to concede

    "I grant you this much"

  3. concede, yield, cede, grant(verb)

    give over; surrender or relinquish to the physical control of another

  4. concede(verb)

    acknowledge defeat

    "The candidate conceded after enough votes had come in to show that he would lose"

Kernerman English Learner's Dictionary

  1. concede(verb)ənˈsid

    to admit sth unpleasant

    to concede that they could have done better

  2. concedeənˈsid

    to stop trying to win

    to concede defeat; The governor has conceded.


  1. concede(Verb)

    To yield or suffer; to surrender; to grant; as, to concede the point in question.

  2. concede(Verb)

    To grant, as a right or privilege; to make concession of.

  3. concede(Verb)

    To admit to be true; to acknowledge.

  4. concede(Verb)

    To yield or make concession.

  5. concede(Verb)

    To have a goal or point scored against

  6. concede(Verb)

    (of a bowler) to have runs scored off of one's bowling.

  7. Origin: conceder, from concedo, from con- + cedo, from ked-.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Concede(verb)

    to yield or suffer; to surrender; to grant; as, to concede the point in question

  2. Concede(verb)

    to grant, as a right or privilege; to make concession of

  3. Concede(verb)

    to admit to be true; to acknowledge

  4. Concede(verb)

    to yield or make concession

British National Corpus

  1. Verbs Frequency

    Rank popularity for the word 'concede' in Verbs Frequency: #772

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Kernerman English Multilingual Dictionary


to admit

He conceded that he had been wrong.

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