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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

com•mand•mentkəˈmænd mənt, -ˈmɑnd-(n.)

  1. a command or mandate.

  2. (sometimes cap.) any of the Ten Commandments.

    Category: Bible

  3. the act or power of commanding.

Origin of commandment:

1200–50; ME < AF, OF

Princeton's WordNet

  1. commandment(noun)

    something that is commanded

  2. teaching, precept, commandment(noun)

    a doctrine that is taught

    "the teachings of religion"; "he believed all the Christian precepts"


  1. commandment(Noun)

    Something that must be obeyed; a command or edict.

  2. Commandment(Noun)

    one of the Ten Commandments

Webster Dictionary

  1. Commandment(noun)

    an order or injunction given by authority; a command; a charge; a precept; a mandate

  2. Commandment(noun)

    one of the ten laws or precepts given by God to the Israelites at Mount Sinai

  3. Commandment(noun)

    the act of commanding; exercise of authority

  4. Commandment(noun)

    the offense of commanding or inducing another to violate the law


  1. Commandment

    Commandment is the seventh studio album by death metal band Six Feet Under. It was released April 17, 2007, on Metal Blade Records. They have released videos for "Ghosts of the Undead" and "Doomsday". "Doomsday" was premiered on Headbanger's Ball on Nov 10th.

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Kernerman English Multilingual Dictionary


a command given by God, especially one of the ten given to Moses.

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