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  1. colonization, colonisation, settlement(noun)

    the act of colonizing; the establishment of colonies

    "the British colonization of America"


  1. Colonization

    Colonization occurs whenever there is a large-scale migration of any one or more groups of people to a colonial area. The migrants, who can also be called colonizers, keep "strong links" with their previous country, and thus obtain privileges over other people living in the area being colonized. The term is derived from the Latin word colere, which means to "to inhabit". Also, colonization refers strictly to migration, for example, to settler colonies in America or Australia, trading posts, and plantations, while colonialism deals with this, along with ruling the existing indigenous peoples of styled "new territories". So, colonization is a narrower category than the related concept of colonialism. Colonization was linked to the spread of tens of millions of Europeans all over the world. In many settled colonies, European settlers formed a large majority of the population. Examples include the Americas, Australia and New Zealand. These colonies were occasionally called 'neo-Europes'. In other places, European settlers formed minority groups, who were often dominant and privileged in their places of settlement.

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