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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

cob•blerˈkɒb lər(n.)

  1. a person who mends shoes.

  2. a deep-dish fruit pie with a thick biscuit crust, usu. only on top.

    Category: Cooking

  3. an iced drink of wine or liquor with fruit and sugar.

    Category: Viniculture/Winemaking

  4. Archaic. a clumsy workman.

Origin of cobbler:

1250–1300; ME cobelere=cobel- (of obscure orig.) +-ere -er1

Princeton's WordNet

  1. cobbler, shoemaker(noun)

    a person who makes or repairs shoes

  2. cobbler(noun)

    tall sweetened iced drink of wine or liquor with fruit

  3. deep-dish pie, cobbler(noun)

    a pie made of fruit with rich biscuit dough usually only on top of the fruit


  1. cobbler(Noun)

    A person who repairs shoes.

  2. cobbler(Noun)

    A kind of pie, usually filled with fruit, that lacks a base crust.

  3. cobbler(Noun)

    A police officer.

    Look out, it's the cobblers!.

  4. cobbler(Noun)

    An alcoholic drink containing spirit or wine, with sugar and lemon juice.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Cobbler(noun)

    a mender of shoes

  2. Cobbler(noun)

    a clumsy workman

  3. Cobbler(noun)

    a beverage. See Sherry cobbler, under Sherry


  1. Cobbler

    Cobbler refers to a variety of dishes, particularly in the United States and United Kingdom, consisting of a fruit or savoury filling poured into a large baking dish and covered with a batter, biscuit, or pie crust before being baked. Some cobbler recipes, especially in the South, resemble a thick-crusted, deep-dish pie with both top and bottom crust.

Anagrams of cobbler

  1. clobber

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Kernerman English Multilingual Dictionary


a person who mends shoes.

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