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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

co•a•lesceˌkoʊ əˈlɛs(v.i.)-lesced, -lesc•ing.

  1. to grow together or into one body.

  2. to unite; join together:

    The various groups coalesced into one party.

  3. to blend or come together:

    Their ideas coalesced into a new theory.

Origin of coalesce:

1535–45; < L coalēscere=co-co - +alēscere to grow up, inchoative der. of alere to nourish, make grow


Princeton's WordNet

  1. blend, flux, mix, conflate, commingle, immix, fuse, coalesce, meld, combine, merge(verb)

    mix together different elements

    "The colors blend well"

  2. coalesce(verb)

    fuse or cause to grow together


  1. coalesce(Verb)

    To join into a single mass or whole.

    The droplets coalesced into a puddle.

  2. coalesce(Verb)

    To form from different pieces or elements.

    The puddle coalesced from the droplets as they ran together.

  3. coalesce(Verb)

    When two, or more, pieces of metal are bonded together (usually via welding) by liquefying the places where they are to be bonded, coalescing these liquids, and allowing the coalesced liquid to solidify. At the end of this process the two pieces of metal have become one continuous solid.

  4. Origin: From coalesco, from co- + alesco.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Coalesce(noun)

    to grow together; to unite by growth into one body; as, the parts separated by a wound coalesce

  2. Coalesce(noun)

    to unite in one body or product; to combine into one body or community; as, vapors coalesce


  1. Coalesce

    Coalesce is a metalcore band from Kansas City, Missouri.


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