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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

cleav•ageˈkli vɪdʒ(n.)

  1. the act of cleaving or splitting.

  2. the state of being cleft.

  3. the area between a woman's breasts, esp. when revealed by a low-cut neckline.

  4. the tendency of crystals, certain minerals, rocks, etc., to break in preferred directions yielding smooth surfaces (cleav′age planes`).

    Category: Petrology

  5. the breaking down of a molecule or compound into simpler structures.

    Category: Chemistry

  6. the series of cell divisions in mitosis that converts the fertilized egg into blastomeres.

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Princeton's WordNet

  1. cleavage(noun)

    the state of being split or cleft

    "there was a cleavage between the liberal and conservative members"

  2. cleavage(noun)

    the breaking of a chemical bond in a molecule resulting in smaller molecules

  3. cleavage, segmentation(noun)

    (embryology) the repeated division of a fertilised ovum

  4. cleavage(noun)

    the line formed by a groove between two parts (especially the separation between a woman's breasts)

  5. cleavage(noun)

    the act of cleaving or splitting


  1. cleavage(Noun)

    The act of cleaving or the state of being cleft.

  2. cleavage(Noun)

    The tendency of a crystal to split along specific planes.

  3. cleavage(Noun)

    The repeated division of a cell into daughter cells after mitosis.

  4. cleavage(Noun)

    The hollow or separation between a woman's breasts, especially as revealed by a low neckline.

  5. cleavage(Noun)

    The splitting of a large molecule into smaller ones.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Cleavage(noun)

    the act of cleaving or splitting

  2. Cleavage(noun)

    the quality possessed by many crystallized substances of splitting readily in one or more definite directions, in which the cohesive attraction is a minimum, affording more or less smooth surfaces; the direction of the dividing plane; a fragment obtained by cleaving, as of a diamond. See Parting

  3. Cleavage(noun)

    division into laminae, like slate, with the lamination not necessarily parallel to the plane of deposition; -- usually produced by pressure


  1. Cleavage

    Crystal parting occurs when minerals break along planes of structural weakness due to external stress or along twin composition planes. Parting breaks are very similar in appearance to cleavage, but only occur due to stress. Examples include magnetite which shows octahedral parting, the rhombohedral parting of corundum and basal parting in pyroxenes.

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the act of splitting; a split.

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