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Random House Webster's College Dictionary


  1. to strike or collide with a loud, harsh, usu. metallic noise:

    The cymbals clashed.

  2. to conflict; disagree:

    Your ideas often clash with mine.

  3. (of juxtaposed colors) to be offensive to the eye.

  4. to engage in a physical conflict or contest (often fol. by with).

  5. (v.t.)to strike with a loud, harsh, usu. metallic noise:

    The tower bell clashed its mournful note.

  6. (n.)a loud, harsh, usu. metallic noise, as of a collision.

  7. a collision, esp. a noisy one.

  8. a conflict, esp. of views or interests.

  9. a battle, fight, or skirmish.

Origin of clash:

1490–1500 imit.



  1. clashingly(Adverb)

    in a clashing manner

Webster Dictionary

  1. Clashingly(adverb)

    with clashing


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