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Random House Webster's College Dictionary


  1. to strike or collide with a loud, harsh, usu. metallic noise:

    The cymbals clashed.

  2. to conflict; disagree:

    Your ideas often clash with mine.

  3. (of juxtaposed colors) to be offensive to the eye.

  4. to engage in a physical conflict or contest (often fol. by with).

  5. (v.t.)to strike with a loud, harsh, usu. metallic noise:

    The tower bell clashed its mournful note.

  6. (n.)a loud, harsh, usu. metallic noise, as of a collision.

  7. a collision, esp. a noisy one.

  8. a conflict, esp. of views or interests.

  9. a battle, fight, or skirmish.

Origin of clash:

1490–1500 imit.


Princeton's WordNet

  1. clang, clangor, clangour, clangoring, clank, clash, crash(noun)

    a loud resonant repeating noise

    "he could hear the clang of distant bells"

  2. clash, friction(noun)

    a state of conflict between persons

  3. clash(noun)

    a state of conflict between colors

    "her dress was a disturbing clash of colors"

  4. brush, clash, encounter, skirmish(verb)

    a minor short-term fight

  5. collide, clash(verb)

    crash together with violent impact

    "The cars collided"; "Two meteors clashed"

  6. clash, jar, collide(verb)

    be incompatible; be or come into conflict

    "These colors clash"

  7. clash(verb)

    disagree violently

    "We clashed over the new farm policies"

Kernerman English Learner's Dictionary

  1. clash(verb)æʃ

    to argue or fight

    Demonstrators clashed with the police.; The couple is constantly clashing over money.

  2. clashæʃ

    to look unattractive together

    The yellow t-shirt clashes with her skirt.

  3. clashæʃ

    to inconveniently happen at the same time

    two meetings which clash

  4. clash(noun)æʃ

    a disagreement or fight

    violent clashes between rival gangs

  5. clashæʃ

    a negative effect produced when two things or people are together

    a clash of cultures; a personality clash

  6. clashæʃ

    a loud metallic noise

    ***a loud clash in the other room


  1. clash(Noun)

    A loud sound.

    I heard a clash from the kitchen, and rushed in to find the cat had knocked over some pots and pans.

  2. clash(Noun)

    A skirmish, a hostile encounter.

  3. clash(Noun)

    a match; a game between two sides.

  4. clash(Noun)

    An angry argument

  5. clash(Noun)

    Opposition; contradiction; such as between differing or contending interests, views, purposes etc.

  6. clash(Noun)

    A combination of garments that do not look good together, especially because of conflicting colours.

    She was wearing a horrible clash of red and orange.

  7. clash(Noun)

    An instance of restarting the game after a "dead ball", where it is dropped between two opposing players, who can fight for possession.

  8. clash(Verb)

    to make a loud clash

    The plates clashed to the floor.

  9. clash(Verb)

    to come into violent conflict

    Fans from opposing teams clashed on the streets after the game.

  10. clash(Verb)

    to argue angrily

    My parents often clashed about minor things, such as the cleaning or shopping rota.

  11. clash(Verb)

    to not look good together.

  12. clash(Verb)

    to coincide, to happen at the same time, thereby rendering it impossible to attend all.

    I can't come to your wedding as it clashes with a friend's funeral.

  13. clash(Verb)

    to face each other in an important game.

  14. Origin: Of imitative origin.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Clash(verb)

    to make a noise by striking against something; to dash noisily together

  2. Clash(verb)

    to meet in opposition; to act in a contrary direction; to come onto collision; to interfere

  3. Clash(verb)

    to strike noisily against or together

  4. Clash(noun)

    a loud noise resulting from collision; a noisy collision of bodies; a collision

  5. Clash(noun)

    opposition; contradiction; as between differing or contending interests, views, purposes, etc


  1. Clash

    Clash is a popular music and fashion magazine based in the United Kingdom. Its magazine title is published 12 times a year. The magazine alternates between modern bands such as The Horrors, Florence & The Machine and Jamie xx as well as hip-hop artists like DJ Shadow, Kanye West and Beastie Boys, who have all had cover spots in recent issues. It concentrates on music and fashion, and often their effect on surrounding culture, as well as film and technology. However they do also have a common theme throughout their reviews of slandering musicians who don't coincide with their almost extremist views and ideals of music - possibly for comedic value and entertainment for those who read the magazine. The magazine won the Best New Magazine award in 2004 at the PPA Magazine Awards and has won further awards in England and Scotland. Most notably, Magazine Of The Year at the 2011 Record Of The Day Awards. At the turn of 2011, Clash Magazine took on an entirely new look, ditching the previous glossy feel and music led design, for an altogether more artistically led approach. The publication is based around the larger Clash brand, which extends to live events around the country and festival partnerships/parties, and the website 2011 saw Clash partner Levi's and Spotify to bring Primal Scream to London's Electric Brixton for one of their final shows with the former Stone Roses member, Mani.

British National Corpus

  1. Nouns Frequency

    Rank popularity for the word 'clash' in Nouns Frequency: #2001

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a loud noise, like eg swords striking together

the clash of metal on metal.

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