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Princeton's WordNet

  1. clarification, elucidation, illumination(noun)

    an interpretation that removes obstacles to understanding

    "the professor's clarification helped her to understand the textbook"

  2. clearing, clarification(noun)

    the act of removing solid particles from a liquid


  1. clarification(Noun)

    The act of clarifying; the act or process of making clear or transparent by freeing visible impurities; particularly, the clearing or fining of liquid substances from feculent matter by the separation of the insoluble particles which prevent the liquid from being transparent.

    The clarification of wine.

  2. clarification(Noun)

    The act of freeing from obscurities.

    Your ideas deserve clarification.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Clarification(noun)

    the act or process of making clear or transparent, by freeing visible impurities; as, the clarification of wine

  2. Clarification(noun)

    the act of freeing from obscurities

  3. Origin: [Cf. F. clarification, L. clarificatio glorification.]


  1. Clarification

    In journalism, a clarification is used to make a statement in a published story clearer. It refers to a statement in a story that may be subject to a misunderstanding or incorrect assumption. For instance, a published story about teacher layoffs states that the superintendent filed a notice of termination for the affected staff. Although that statement is factually correct as printed, it may lead to the assumption that the teachers were fired that night. A statement—in this case, a clarification—may be required, stating that the teachers then have time to appeal their dismissal before the termination takes effect. A clarification is not the same as a correction, which corrects factual errors in a published story. As with corrections, the policy for reporting statements which need to be made more clear varies with the newspaper; it usually involves a reader calling an editor and pointing out the story elements requiring clarification.

Sample Sentences & Example Usage

  1. Greg Poling:

    It forces a clarification of China's claims. China's strategy in the South China Sea is one of ambiguity.

  2. Ahmed Asseri:

    I don't think they have a very accurate report. They never contacted us to ask any clarification for any situation.

  3. Justin Lederer:

    It's a safe-haven bid that is going to go on until we get a little more clarification on Greece, but there is no time frame on that.

  4. The IAEA:

    In the period to 15 October 2015, activities set out in the 'road-map for the clarification of past and present outstanding issues regarding Iran’s nuclear program' were completed.

  5. Ron Barber:

    We are seeking clarification of the court's November 10 order at today's hearing and can not accept any payments, pending such clarification, without jeopardizing Ms Arnall's rights on appeal.

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  • Verdeutlichung, ErläuterungGerman
  • αποσαφήνιση, διευκρίνισηGreek
  • clarificationFrench
  • chiarificazioneItalian
  • opheldering, verduidelijkingDutch
  • clarificareRomanian
  • разъясне́ние, очи́стка, очище́ние, объясне́ние, поясне́ние, проясне́ние, осветле́ниеRussian

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