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Random House Webster's College Dictionary


  1. (v.i.)a sharp, hard, nonresonant sound, like that of two pieces of metal striking together:

    the clank of chains.

  2. (v.i.)to make such a sound.

  3. to move with such sounds:

    The old truck clanked up the hill.

  4. (v.t.)to cause to make a sharp sound, as metal in collision.

  5. to place, set, etc., with a clank:

    to clank the door shut.

Origin of clank:

1605–15; < D klank sound

Princeton's WordNet

  1. clang, clangor, clangour, clangoring, clank, clash, crash(verb)

    a loud resonant repeating noise

    "he could hear the clang of distant bells"

  2. clank(verb)

    make a clank

    "the train clanked through the village"


  1. clank(Noun)

    A loud, hard sound of metal hitting metal, especially such a repetitive sound.

  2. clank(Verb)

    To make a clanking sound

Webster Dictionary

  1. Clank(noun)

    a sharp, brief, ringing sound, made by a collision of metallic or other sonorous bodies; -- usually expressing a duller or less resounding sound than clang, and a deeper and stronger sound than clink

  2. Clank(verb)

    to cause to sound with a clank; as, the prisoners clank their chains

  3. Clank(verb)

    to sound with a clank

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Kernerman English Multilingual Dictionary


such a noise

the clank of pans in the kitchen.

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