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Princeton's WordNet

  1. Circumcision, Feast of the Circumcision, January 1(noun)

    (Roman Catholic Church and Anglican Church) feast day celebrating the circumcision of Jesus; celebrated on January 1st

  2. circumcision(noun)

    the act of circumcising performed on males eight days after birth as a Jewish and Muslim religious rite

  3. circumcision(noun)

    the act of circumcising; surgical removal of the foreskin of males


  1. circumcision(Noun)

    The act of excising or amputating the foreskin or prepuce from the penis.

  2. circumcision(Noun)

    The act of excising tissue from the vulva of the female.

  3. Origin: From circumcisio, from circumcido, from circum + caedo.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Circumcision(noun)

    the act of cutting off the prepuce or foreskin of males, or the internal labia of females

  2. Circumcision(noun)

    the Jews, as a circumcised people

  3. Circumcision(noun)

    rejection of the sins of the flesh; spiritual purification, and acceptance of the Christian faith

  4. Origin: [L. circumcisio.]


  1. Circumcision

    Male circumcision is the surgical removal of the foreskin from the human penis. In a typical procedure, the foreskin is opened and then separated from the glans after inspection. The circumcision device is placed, and then the foreskin is removed. Topical or locally injected anesthesia may be used to reduce pain and physiologic stress. For adults, general anesthesia is an option, and the procedure is often performed without a specialized circumcision device. The procedure is most often elected for religious reasons or personal preferences, but may be indicated for both therapeutic and prophylactic reasons. It is a treatment option for pathological phimosis, refractory balanoposthitis and chronic urinary tract infections; it is contraindicated in cases of certain genital structure abnormalities or poor general health. The positions of the world's major medical organizations range from considering neonatal circumcision as having a modest health benefit that outweighs small risks to viewing it as having no benefit and significant risks. No major medical organization recommends either universal circumcision for all infant males, or banning the procedure. Ethical and legal questions regarding informed consent and autonomy have been raised over non-therapeutic neonatal circumcision.

The Nuttall Encyclopedia

  1. Circumcision

    the practice of cutting away the foreskin, chiefly of males, as observed by the Jews and the Mohammedans, as well as other nations of remote antiquity; regarded by some as a mark of belonging to the tribe, and by others as a sacrifice in propitiation by blood.

Sample Sentences & Example Usage

  1. Kimihiko Moriya:

    Circumcision is not a universally accepted custom.

  2. Mala Seyyed Hasan Vazhi:

    Female circumcision does nothing but hurt your daughter's body, this practice must stop.

  3. Jonathan Friedman:

    People are not OK with a 4-year-old boy being circumcised -- a conscious, articulate boy. That's just not OK, not everyone is against circumcisions, but I think everyone is against a 4-year-old's circumcision.

  4. Selahattin Demirtas:

    According to Cemil Cicek these people do not have problems regarding language, culture or faith, all is about the circumcision. If that is really the problem and if you are so interested we can appoint you as the "government circumciser" and send you to Kandil (PKK HQ in northern Iraq) to solve it. (On the quote of Cemil Cicek, speaker for AKP: "Some of those PKK terrorists without circumcision should tell you a lot about the issue")

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