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Random House Webster's College Dictionary


  1. (n.)food, esp. hearty dishes or a meal.

    Category: Common Vocabulary, Status (usage)

  2. (v.i.)to eat, esp. heartily (usu. fol. by down).

    Category: Common Vocabulary, Status (usage)

Origin of chow:

1855–60, Amer.; short for chow -chow


  1. Category: Dogs, Cats, and Horses

    Ref: chow chow. 1

* (often cap.).

Origin of chow:

short form

Princeton's WordNet

  1. Zhou, Zhou dynasty, Chou, Chou dynasty, Chow, Chow dynasty(noun)

    the imperial dynasty of China from 1122 to 221 BC; notable for the rise of Confucianism and Taoism

  2. chow, chuck, eats, grub(noun)

    informal terms for a meal

  3. chow, chow chow(noun)

    breed of medium-sized dogs with a thick coat and fluffy curled tails and distinctive blue-black tongues; believed to have originated in northern China


  1. chow(Noun)

    A Chinese person.

  2. chow(Noun)

    Food, especially snacks.

    I'm going to pick up some chow for dinner.

  3. chow(Noun)

    A Chinese breed of dog; the chow-chow.

  4. Chow(ProperNoun)

    A twelfth-century Chinese dynasty, alternatively romanized as Zhou or Chou.

  5. Origin: Shortened from chow-chow.


  1. Chow

    Chow is a food website owned by CBS Interactive. It is home to the food message board Chowhound.


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