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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

chip•pyˈtʃɪp i(n.)(pl.)-pies.

or chip•pie

  1. Slang. a promiscuous woman.

Origin of chippy:

1885–90, Amer.; perh. after a chipping sparrow

chip•py*ˈtʃɪp i(adj.)-pi•er, -pi•est.

  1. Category: Canada/Canadian, Status (usage)

  2. (in ice hockey) using or characterized by aggressive, rough play.

    Category: Sports and Games, Canada/Canadian

  3. irritable; ill-tempered.

    Category: Sports and Games, Canada/Canadian, British

* Canadian Slang..

Origin of chippy:

1890–95; chip1+ -y1


  1. chippy(Noun)

    A fish-and-chip shop.

  2. chippy(Noun)

    A carpenter.

  3. chippy(Noun)

    The youngest member of a team or group, normally someone whose voice has not yet deepened, talking like a chipmunk.

  4. chippy(Noun)

    A potato chip.

  5. chippy(Noun)

    A prostitute or promiscuous woman.

  6. chippy(Noun)

    A chiptune.

  7. chippy(Noun)

    A chipping sparrow.

  8. chippy(Adjective)

    Ill-tempered, disagreeable.

  9. chippy(Adjective)

    Involving violence or unfair play.

  10. chippy(Adjective)

    Tending to form chips when cut, rather than larger, more usable pieces of wood.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Chippy(adj)

    abounding in, or resembling, chips; dry and tasteless

  2. Chippy(noun)

    a small American sparrow (Spizella socialis), very common near dwelling; -- also called chipping bird and chipping sparrow, from its simple note


  1. Chippy

    Chippy, also known as Songs from "Chippy", is an album by Terry Allen, Joe Ely, Butch Hancock, Robert Earl Keen, Wayne Hancock, Jo Harvey Allen and Jo Carol Pierce. It includes original music from the play, Chippy, which was written by Jo Harvey and Terry Allen and commissioned by the American Music Theater Festival, Philadelphia, where it received its world premiere in 1994.

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