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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

cha•grin*ʃəˈgrɪn(n.; v.)-grined; -grinned, -grin•ing; -grin•ning.

  1. (n.)a feeling of vexation marked by disappointment or humiliation.

  2. (v.t.)to vex by disappointment or humiliation.

* Syn: See shame.

Origin of chagrin:

1650–60; < F, MF, n. der. of chagriner to upset

Princeton's WordNet

  1. chagrin, humiliation, mortification(verb)

    strong feelings of embarrassment

  2. humiliate, mortify, chagrin, humble, abase(verb)

    cause to feel shame; hurt the pride of

    "He humiliated his colleague by criticising him in front of the boss"


  1. chagrin(Noun)

    Distress of mind caused by a failure of aims or plans, want of appreciation, mistakes etc; vexation or mortification.

  2. chagrin(Noun)

    A type of leather or skin with a rough surface.

  3. chagrin(Verb)

    To bother or vex; to mortify.

    She was chagrined to note that the paint had dried into a blotchy mess.

  4. Origin: From chagrin. Prior to that, the etymology is unclear, with several theories – of Germanic or possibly Turkish origin.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Chagrin(noun)

    vexation; mortification

  2. Chagrin(noun)

    to excite ill-humor in; to vex; to mortify; as, he was not a little chagrined

  3. Chagrin(verb)

    to be vexed or annoyed

  4. Chagrin(adj)


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disappointment and annoyance.

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