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Princeton's WordNet

  1. call up(verb)

    an order to report for military duty

  2. call up, bring forward(verb)

    bring forward for consideration

    "The case was called up in court"

  3. call, telephone, call up, phone, ring(verb)

    get or try to get into communication (with someone) by telephone

    "I tried to call you all night"; "Take two aspirin and call me in the morning"

  4. remember, retrieve, recall, call back, call up, recollect, think(verb)

    recall knowledge from memory; have a recollection

    "I can't remember saying any such thing"; "I can't think what her last name was"; "can you remember her phone number?"; "Do you remember that he once loved you?"; "call up memories"

  5. call up, mobilize, mobilise, rally(verb)

    call to arms; of military personnel


  1. call up(Noun)

    An order to report for military service.

  2. call up(Verb)

    To retrieve from personal or computer memory.

  3. call up(Verb)

    To call on the telephone.

  4. call up(Verb)

    To select e.g. to a sports squad.

Sample Sentences & Example Usage

  1. Marlene Dietrich:

    Its the friends you can call up at four a.m. that matter.

  2. Marlene Dietrich:

    It's the friends you can call up at four a.m. that matter.

  3. Richard Berse:

    I would call up and they would say, 'We're under control, we have plenty of cash,'.

  4. David Letterman:

    When you call up at the last minute and cancel a show, ladies and gentlemen that's starting to smell. This is not the John McCain I know, this is not the way a tested hero behaves.

  5. John Soto:

    When they leave here ... we might not see them for a while. It's like seeing a 3-year-old kid, and then not seeing them until he's 12, we hear the drivers call up and say one of our babies went out. If they say 'Boy, they're doing great,' then that's huge.

Translations for call up

From our Multilingual Translation Dictionary

  • мобилизация, повиквателнаBulgarian
  • kutsua, soittaa, valita, palauttaa, muistista, muistiin, kutsunta, hakea, jollekinFinnish
  • rievocareItalian
  • повесткаRussian

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