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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

Cae•sarˈsi zər(n.)

  1. Gaius Julius, c100–44 b .c ., Roman general, statesman, and historian.

    Category: Ancient History, Biography

  2. a title of the Roman emperors from Augustus to Hadrian, and later of the heirs presumptive.

    Category: Ancient History

  3. any emperor.

    Category: Government

  4. a tyrant or dictator.

    Category: Government

  5. any temporal ruler; civil authority. Matt. 22:21.

    Category: Bible

Princeton's WordNet

  1. Caesar, Julius Caesar, Gaius Julius Caesar(noun)

    conqueror of Gaul and master of Italy (100-44 BC)

  2. Caesar, Sid Caesar, Sidney Caesar(noun)

    United States comedian who pioneered comedy television shows (born 1922)


  1. Caesar(Noun)

    A title of Roman emperors.

  2. Caesar(Noun)

    A Caesar salad.

  3. Caesar(Noun)

    A cocktail made from clamato (clam-tomato juice), vodka, and often garnished with celery, a Bloody Caesar.

  4. Caesar(ProperNoun)

    An ancient Roman family name, notably that of Gaius Iulius Caesar

  5. Caesar(ProperNoun)

    The government; society; earthly powers.

  6. Origin: of unclear origin. Proposed etymologies include caesaries (hair) and caesai (elephant).

Webster Dictionary

  1. Caesar(noun)

    a Roman emperor, as being the successor of Augustus Caesar. Hence, a kaiser, or emperor of Germany, or any emperor or powerful ruler. See Kaiser, Kesar


  1. Caesar

    Caesar is a title of imperial character. It derives from the cognomen of Julius Caesar, the Roman dictator. The change from being a familial name to a title adopted by the Roman Emperors can be dated to about AD 68/69, the so-called "Year of the Four Emperors".


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