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Random House Webster's College Dictionary


  1. a juniper, Juniperus oxycedrus, of the Mediterranean area, whose wood on destructive distillation yields an oily liquid used in treating skin diseases.

    Category: Plants

Origin of cade:



  1. New Eng., Brit. (of the young of animals) abandoned by the mother and raised by humans.

    Category: Dialect

Origin of cade:



  1. a combining form with the meaning “procession, parade”:


    Category: Affix

Origin of -cade:

extracted from cavalcade


  1. Cade(ProperNoun)

    for a cooper.

  2. Cade(ProperNoun)

    transferred from the surname.

  3. cade(Noun)

    a prickly, bushy Mediterranean juniper, Juniperus oxycedrus, whose wood yields a tar.

  4. cade(Noun)

    A cask or barrel, used in the British Book of Rates for a determinate number of some sort of fish. For example, a cade of herrings was a vessel containing 500 herrings, while a cade of sprats contained 1,000.

  5. cade(Adjective)

    abandoned by its mother and reared by hand

Webster Dictionary

  1. Cade(adj)

    bred by hand; domesticated; petted

  2. Cade(verb)

    to bring up or nourish by hand, or with tenderness; to coddle; to tame

  3. Cade(noun)

    a barrel or cask, as of fish

  4. Cade(noun)

    a species of juniper (Juniperus Oxycedrus) of Mediterranean countries

Anagrams of cade

  1. aced

  2. dace

  3. CEDA


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