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Random House Webster's College Dictionary


  1. a protruding ragged edge raised on metal during drilling, shearing, punching, or engraving.

    Category: Machinery, Metallurgy

  2. a rough protuberance on any object.

  3. a hand-held rotary power tool used to cut small recesses.

    Category: Metallurgy, Machinery

  4. (v.t.)to form a rough point or edge on.

  5. to remove burrs from.

    Ref: Also, bur 1 1 4 (for defs. 1,3 ).

Origin of burr:

1605–15; sp. var. of bur


  1. a washer placed at the head of a rivet.

    Category: Building Trades

  2. a blank punched out of sheet metal.

    Category: Metallurgy

Origin of burr:

1375–1425; late ME burrewez (pl.), buruhe circle, var. of brough round tower, metathetic var. of burgh


  1. a pronunciation of (r) as a uvular trill, as in some Northern English dialects.

    Category: Phonetics

  2. a pronunciation of (r) as an alveolar flap or trill, as in Scottish English.

    Category: Phonetics

  3. a whirring noise.

  4. (v.i.)to speak with a burr.

    Category: Phonetics

  5. to make a whirring sound.

  6. (v.t.)to pronounce with a burr.

    Category: Phonetics

Origin of burr:

1750–60; imit.


  1. Aaron, 1756–1836, vice president of the U.S. 1801–05.

    Category: Biography

Princeton's WordNet

  1. bur, burr(noun)

    seed vessel having hooks or prickles

  2. burr(noun)

    rough projection left on a workpiece after drilling or cutting

  3. Burr, Aaron Burr(noun)

    United States politician who served as vice president under Jefferson; he mortally wounded his political rival Alexander Hamilton in a duel and fled south (1756-1836)

  4. burr(noun)

    rotary file for smoothing rough edges left on a workpiece

  5. bur, burr(verb)

    small bit used in dentistry or surgery

  6. bur, burr(verb)

    remove the burrs from

Webster Dictionary

  1. Burr(noun)

    any rough or prickly envelope of the seeds of plants, whether a pericarp, a persistent calyx, or an involucre, as of the chestnut and burdock. Also, any weed which bears burs

  2. Burr(noun)

    the thin ridge left by a tool in cutting or shaping metal. See Burr, n., 2

  3. Burr(noun)

    a ring of iron on a lance or spear. See Burr, n., 4

  4. Burr(noun)

    the lobe of the ear. See Burr, n., 5

  5. Burr(noun)

    the sweetbread

  6. Burr(noun)

    a clinker; a partially vitrified brick

  7. Burr(noun)

    a small circular saw

  8. Burr(noun)

    a triangular chisel

  9. Burr(noun)

    a drill with a serrated head larger than the shank; -- used by dentists

  10. Burr(noun)

    the round knob of an antler next to a deer's head

  11. Burr(noun)

    a prickly seed vessel. See Bur, 1

  12. Burr(noun)

    the thin edge or ridge left by a tool in cutting or shaping metal, as in turning, engraving, pressing, etc.; also, the rough neck left on a bullet in casting

  13. Burr(noun)

    a thin flat piece of metal, formed from a sheet by punching; a small washer put on the end of a rivet before it is swaged down

  14. Burr(noun)

    a broad iron ring on a tilting lance just below the gripe, to prevent the hand from slipping

  15. Burr(noun)

    the lobe or lap of the ear

  16. Burr(noun)

    a guttural pronounciation of the letter r, produced by trilling the extremity of the soft palate against the back part of the tongue; rotacism; -- often called the Newcastle, Northumberland, or Tweedside, burr

  17. Burr(noun)

    the knot at the bottom of an antler. See Bur, n., 8

  18. Burr(verb)

    to speak with burr; to make a hoarse or guttural murmur


  1. Burr

    Burr, by Gore Vidal, is a historical novel challenging the traditional iconography of United States history via narrative and a fictional memoir of Aaron Burr. Burr was variously the third US vice president, a US Army officer in and combat veteran of the Revolutionary War, a lawyer and a U.S. senator from New York. In an 1804 duel, while still vice president, Burr killed Alexander Hamilton, who had been the first US Treasury Secretary.


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