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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

bur•geon*ˈbɜr dʒən(v.i.)

or bour•geon

  1. to grow or develop quickly; flourish:

    The town burgeoned into a city.

    Category: Common Vocabulary

  2. to begin to grow, as a bud; put forth buds, shoots, etc., as a plant (often fol. by out, forth).

    Category: Common Vocabulary

* Usage: The two senses of burgeon , “to bud” and “to grow or flourish,” date from the 14th century. Today the sense “to grow or flourish” is the more common. Occasionally, objections are raised to this use, perhaps because of its popularity in journalistic writing.

Origin of burgeon:

1300–50; ME burjon, burion shoot, bud < OF burjon < VL *burriōnem

Princeton's WordNet

  1. burgeon(verb)

    grow and flourish

    "The burgeoning administration"; "The burgeoning population"

Webster Dictionary

  1. Burgeon(verb)

    to bud. See Bourgeon

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