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Princeton's WordNet

  1. majority, bulk(noun)

    the property resulting from being or relating to the greater in number of two parts; the main part

    "the majority of his customers prefer it"; "the bulk of the work is finished"

  2. bulk, mass, volume(noun)

    the property of something that is great in magnitude

    "it is cheaper to buy it in bulk"; "he received a mass of correspondence"; "the volume of exports"

  3. bulk(verb)

    the property possessed by a large mass

  4. bulk(verb)

    stick out or up

    "The parcel bulked in the sack"

  5. bulge, bulk(verb)

    cause to bulge or swell outwards


  1. bulk(Noun)

    Size, mass or volume.

  2. bulk(Noun)

    The major part of something.

  3. bulk(Noun)

    The result of water retained by fibre.

  4. bulk(Noun)

    Unpackaged goods when transported in large volumes, e.g. coal, ore or grain.

  5. bulk(Noun)

    a cargo or any items moved or communicated in the manner of cargo.

  6. bulk(Noun)

    Excess body mass, especially muscle.

  7. bulk(Noun)

    A hypothetical higher-dimensional space within which our own four-dimensional universe may exist.

  8. bulk(Verb)

    to be, or appear to be, massive

  9. bulk(Verb)

    to grow in size; to swell or expand

  10. bulk(Adjective)

    being large in size, mass or volume

  11. Origin: From bolke, from búlki, from bulkô, from bhelǵ-, related to búlkast, dialectal bulk, bulk. Conflated with bouk, from buc, from būkaz, from bhōw-, related to buik, Bauch, buk. More at bouk, bucket.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Bulk(noun)

    magnitude of material substance; dimensions; mass; size; as, an ox or ship of great bulk

  2. Bulk(noun)

    the main mass or body; the largest or principal portion; the majority; as, the bulk of a debt

  3. Bulk(noun)

    the cargo of a vessel when stowed

  4. Bulk(noun)

    the body

  5. Bulk(verb)

    to appear or seem to be, as to bulk or extent; to swell

  6. Bulk

    a projecting part of a building

British National Corpus

  1. Spoken Corpus Frequency

    Rank popularity for the word 'bulk' in Spoken Corpus Frequency: #4440

  2. Nouns Frequency

    Rank popularity for the word 'bulk' in Nouns Frequency: #1809

Sample Sentences & Example Usage

  1. Thomas Jefferson:

    The bulk of mankind are schoolboys through life.

  2. Allan Small:

    Energy is really doing the bulk of the lifting in today's market.

  3. Peter Swire:

    The big news in the USA Freedom Act is to limit bulk collection programs.

  4. Craig Holman:

    There are now literally 100 people financing the bulk of our presidential elections.

  5. Howard Erichson:

    the company has to be drawn to finding a way to settle the bulk of the remaining cases.

Translations for bulk

From our Multilingual Translation Dictionary

  • големина, обемист, главна част, насипен товар, маса, обем, масивенBulgarian
  • massiuCatalan, Valencian
  • GroßteilGerman
  • grueso, bulto, masaSpanish
  • suurin osa, määrä, bulkki, turpoaminen, massa, bulkkitavara, valtaosaFinnish
  • vrac, en gros, majeure partie, masseFrench
  • vultoGalician
  • tömeg, terjedelemHungarian
  • masseNorwegian
  • masa, wielkość, objętośćPolish
  • grosso, volume, granel, quantidadePortuguese
  • vrac, masiv, voluminos, masaRomanian
  • масса, бо́льшая часть, основная масса, крупный, объёмRussian
  • gromadaSerbo-Croatian
  • voluminös, merpart, massa, omfångsrik, massiv, lejonpartSwedish
  • yığın, hacim, cüsseli, hacimli, kütle, cüsseTurkish

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