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Princeton's WordNet

  1. vaulting horse, long horse, buck(noun)

    a gymnastic horse without pommels and with one end elongated; used lengthwise for vaulting

  2. dollar, dollar bill, one dollar bill, buck, clam(noun)

    a piece of paper money worth one dollar

  3. Buck, Pearl Buck, Pearl Sydenstricker Buck(noun)

    United States author whose novels drew on her experiences as a missionary in China (1892-1973)

  4. sawhorse, horse, sawbuck, buck(noun)

    a framework for holding wood that is being sawed

  5. buck(verb)

    mature male of various mammals (especially deer or antelope)

  6. buck(verb)

    to strive with determination

    "John is bucking for a promotion"

  7. buck, go against(verb)


    "buck the trend"

  8. tear, shoot, shoot down, charge, buck(verb)

    move quickly and violently

    "The car tore down the street"; "He came charging into my office"

  9. buck, jerk, hitch(verb)

    jump vertically, with legs stiff and back arched

    "the yung filly bucked"

Webster Dictionary

  1. Buck(noun)

    lye or suds in which cloth is soaked in the operation of bleaching, or in which clothes are washed

  2. Buck(noun)

    the cloth or clothes soaked or washed

  3. Buck(verb)

    to soak, steep, or boil, in lye or suds; -- a process in bleaching

  4. Buck(verb)

    to wash (clothes) in lye or suds, or, in later usage, by beating them on stones in running water

  5. Buck(verb)

    to break up or pulverize, as ores

  6. Buck(noun)

    the male of deer, especially fallow deer and antelopes, or of goats, sheep, hares, and rabbits

  7. Buck(noun)

    a gay, dashing young fellow; a fop; a dandy

  8. Buck(noun)

    a male Indian or negro

  9. Buck(verb)

    to copulate, as bucks and does

  10. Buck(verb)

    to spring with quick plunging leaps, descending with the fore legs rigid and the head held as low down as possible; -- said of a vicious horse or mule

  11. Buck(verb)

    to subject to a mode of punishment which consists in tying the wrists together, passing the arms over the bent knees, and putting a stick across the arms and in the angle formed by the knees

  12. Buck(verb)

    to throw by bucking. See Buck, v. i., 2

  13. Buck(noun)

    a frame on which firewood is sawed; a sawhorse; a sawbuck

  14. Buck(noun)

    the beech tree

Sample Sentences & Example Usage

  1. Margaret Chan:

    The buck stops with me.

  2. Rupert Murdoch:

    The buck stops with the guy who signs the checks.

  3. Betty Willis:

    I should make a buck out of it, everybody else is.

  4. Tom Wong:

    You don't necessarily get a lot of bang for your buck.

  5. Brian Smeltzer:

    If there's a way to make a buck, some people will do it.

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