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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

brutbrut; Fr. brüt(adj.)

  1. (of wine, esp. champagne) very dry.

    Category: Viniculture/Winemaking

Origin of brut:

1890–95; < F: (more generally) raw, unprocessed, brutish; see brute

Princeton's WordNet

  1. brut(adj)

    (of champagne) extremely dry

Webster Dictionary

  1. Brut(noun)

    to browse

  2. Brut(noun)

    see Birt


  1. Layamon's Brut

    Layamon's Brut, also known as The Chronicle of Britain, is a Middle English poem compiled and recast by the English priest Layamon. The Brut is 16,095 lines long and narrates the history of Britain: it is the first historiography written in English since the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle. Named for Britain's mythical founder, Brutus of Troy, the poem is largely based on the Anglo-Norman Roman de Brut by Wace, which is in turn a version of Geoffrey of Monmouth's Latin Historia Regum Britanniae. Layamon's poem, however, is longer than both and includes an enlarged section on the life and exploits of King Arthur. It is written in the alliterative verse style commonly used in Middle English poetry by rhyming chroniclers, the two halves of the alliterative lines being often linked by rhyme as well as by alliteration.

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crude oil.

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