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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

breeze*briz(n.; v.)breezed, breez•ing.

  1. (n.)a wind or current of air, esp. a light or moderate one.

    Category: Meteorology

  2. a wind of 4–31 mph (2–14 m/sec).

    Category: Meteorology

  3. an easy task.

    Category: Informal

  4. (v.i.)to move in a self-confident or jaunty manner.

  5. to proceed effortlessly.

    Category: Informal

Idioms for breeze:

  1. shoot or bat the breeze, Slang. to talk aimlessly; chat.

    Category: Status (usage), Idiom

* Syn: See wind1.

Origin of breeze:

1555–65; earlier brize, brise north or northeast wind



  1. cinders, ash, or dust from coal, coke, or charcoal.

    Category: Energy

Origin of breeze:

1720–30; var. of dial. brays < F braise live coals, cinders

Princeton's WordNet

  1. breeze, zephyr, gentle wind, air(noun)

    a slight wind (usually refreshing)

    "the breeze was cooled by the lake"; "as he waited he could feel the air on his neck"

  2. cinch, breeze, picnic, snap, duck soup, child's play, pushover, walkover, piece of cake(verb)

    any undertaking that is easy to do

    "marketing this product will be no picnic"

  3. breeze(verb)

    blow gently and lightly

    "It breezes most evenings at the shore"

  4. breeze(verb)

    to proceed quickly and easily

Kernerman English Learner's Dictionary

  1. breeze(noun)briz

    a light wind

    a gentle breeze


  1. breeze(Noun)

    A gentle to moderate wind.

    The breeze rustled the papers on her desk.

  2. breeze(Noun)

    Any activity that is easy, not testing or difficult.

    After studying Latin, Spanish was a breeze.

  3. breeze(Noun)

    Wind blowing across a cricket match, whatever its strength.

  4. breeze(Noun)

    Ashes and residue of coal or charcoal, usually from a furnace. See Wikipedia article on Clinker.

  5. breeze(Verb)

    To move casually, in a carefree manner, but not slowly.wether

  6. breeze(Verb)

    To blow gently

  7. breeze(Verb)

    To take a horse under a light run in order to understand the running characteristics of the horse and to observe it while under motion.

  8. Origin: 1555, nautical term brise, from bries, from brise, from brisen. Formally related to breshër.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Breeze(noun)

    alt. of Breeze fly

  2. Breeze(noun)

    a light, gentle wind; a fresh, soft-blowing wind

  3. Breeze(noun)

    an excited or ruffed state of feeling; a flurry of excitement; a disturbance; a quarrel; as, the discovery produced a breeze

  4. Breeze(noun)

    refuse left in the process of making coke or burning charcoal

  5. Breeze(noun)

    refuse coal, coal ashes, and cinders, used in the burning of bricks

  6. Breeze(verb)

    to blow gently

British National Corpus

  1. Nouns Frequency

    Rank popularity for the word 'breeze' in Nouns Frequency: #2369

Anagrams of breeze

  1. Beezer

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Kernerman English Multilingual Dictionary


a gentle wind

There's a lovely cool breeze today.

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