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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

bot•tom•lessˈbɒt əm lɪs(adj.)

  1. lacking a bottom.

  2. immeasurably deep.

  3. without bounds; unlimited:

    a bottomless supply of money.

  4. without basis, cause, or reason:

    a bottomless accusation.

  5. nude or nearly nude below the waist. featuring bottomless entertainers.

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Princeton's WordNet

  1. bottomless(adj)

    extremely deep

    "a bottomless pit"; "a bottomless lake"

  2. bottomless(adj)

    having no bottom

    "bottomless pajamas consisting simply of a long top opening down the front"

  3. bottomless(adj)

    having no apparent limits or bounds

    "a bottomless supply of money"; "bottomless pockets"

  4. bottomless(adj)

    unclothed especially below the waist or featuring such nudeness

    "bottomless dancers"; "a bottomless bar"


  1. bottomless(Adjective)

    Having no bottom.

  2. bottomless(Adjective)

    Extremely deep.

  3. bottomless(Adjective)

    Having no bounds; limitless.

  4. bottomless(Adjective)

    Difficult to understand; unfathomable.

  5. bottomless(Adjective)

    Not wearing clothes below the waist.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Bottomless(adj)

    without a bottom; hence, fathomless; baseless; as, a bottomless abyss

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very deep

a bottomless pit.

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