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  1. Bone resorption

    Bone resorption is the process by which osteoclasts break down bone and release the minerals, resulting in a transfer of calcium from bone fluid to the blood. The osteoclasts are multi-nucleated cells that contain numerous mitochondria and lysosomes. These are the cells responsible for the resorption of bone. Osteoclasts are generally present on the outer layer of bone, just beneath the periosteum. Attachment of the osteoclast to the osteon begins the process. The osteoclast then induces an infolding of its cell membrane and secretes collagenase and other enzymes important in the resorption process. High levels of calcium, magnesium, phosphate and products of collagen will be released into the extracellular fluid as the osteoclasts tunnel into the mineralized bone. Osteoclasts are also prominent in the tissue destruction commonly found in psoriatic arthritis and other rheumatology related disorders. Bone resorption can also be the result of disuse and the lack of stimulus for bone maintenance. Astronauts, for instance will undergo a certain amount of bone resorption due to the lack of gravity providing the proper stimulus for bone maintenance. During childhood, bone formation exceeds resorption, but as the aging process occurs, resorption exceeds formation.

U.S. National Library of Medicine

  1. Bone Resorption

    Bone loss due to osteoclastic activity.


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    The numerical value of bone resorption in Chaldean Numerology is: 9

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    The numerical value of bone resorption in Pythagorean Numerology is: 5

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