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bogbɒg, bɔg(n.; v.)bogged, bog•ging.

  1. (n.)wet, spongy ground with soil composed mainly of decayed vegetable matter.

  2. an area or stretch of such ground.

  3. (v.i.)to sink in or as if in a bog (often fol. by down):

    We were bogged down with a lot of work.

Origin of bog:

1495–1505; < Ir or ScotGael bogach soft ground (bog soft +-ach n. suffix)


bogbɒg, bɔg(n.)

  1. Usu., bogs.Brit. Slang. a lavatory; bathroom.

    Category: British

Origin of bog:

1780–90; prob. shortening of bog-house; cf. bog to defecate


  1. bogginess(Noun)

    The state or quality of being boggy.


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