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Princeton's WordNet

  1. directorate, board of directors(noun)

    a group of persons chosen to govern the affairs of a corporation or other large institution


  1. board of directors(Noun)

    a group of people, elected by stockholders, to establish corporate policies, and make management decisions


  1. Board of directors

    A board of directors is a body of elected or appointed members who jointly oversee the activities of a company or organization. Other names include board of governors, board of managers, board of regents, board of trustees, and board of visitors. It is often simply referred to as "the board". A board's activities are determined by the powers, duties, and responsibilities delegated to it or conferred on it by an authority outside itself. These matters are typically detailed in the organization's bylaws. The bylaws commonly also specify the number of members of the board, how they are to be chosen, and when they are to meet. In an organization with voting members, e.g., a professional society, the board acts on behalf of, and is subordinate to, the organization's full assembly, which usually chooses the members of the board. In a stock corporation, the board is elected by the stockholders and is the highest authority in the management of the corporation. In a non-stock corporation with no general voting membership, e.g., a typical university, the board is the supreme governing body of the institution; its members are sometimes chosen by the board itself. Typical duties of boards of directors include:

Sample Sentences & Example Usage

  1. Doug White:

    I don't believe he should stay on the board of directors because of a real conflict of interest.

  2. Evan Young:

    The board of directors continues to show their ignorance, the board has not done anything to show they are going to make changes going forward.

  3. Jeroen Dijsselbloem:

    The agreement paves the way for the formal approval by the ESM Board of Directors on Monday 23 November of disbursing the 2 billion euro sub-tranche linked to the first set of milestones.

  4. Joseph Papa:

    But if they do get to 50 to 80 percent it would be a very chaotic process, the chaos that would occur ... is that all of the long-term Perrigo employees would be in a state of uncertainty that what Mylan would probably seek to do is change the board of directors of Perrigo and also the management team.

  5. Jeroen Dijsselbloem:

    On the basis of a final compliance notice... the EWG agreed that the Greek authorities have now completed the first set of milestones and the financial sector measures that are essential for a successful recapitalization process, the agreement paves the way for the formal approval by the ESM Board of Directors on Monday 23 November of disbursing the 2 billion euro sub-tranche linked to the first set of milestones.

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