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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

bi•week•ly*baɪˈwik li(adj.; n.; adv.)(pl.)-lies

  1. (adj.)occurring every two weeks.

  2. occurring twice a week; semiweekly.

  3. (n.)a periodical issued every other week.

  4. (adv.)every two weeks.

  5. twice a week.

* Usage: See bi-1.

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Princeton's WordNet

  1. biweekly(adj)

    a periodical that is published twice a week or every two weeks (either 104 or 26 issues per year)

  2. fortnightly, biweekly(adj)

    occurring every two weeks

  3. semiweekly, biweekly(adverb)

    occurring twice a week

  4. semiweekly, biweekly(adverb)

    twice a week

    "he called home semiweekly"

  5. fortnightly, biweekly(adverb)

    every two weeks

    "he visited his cousins fortnightly"


  1. biweekly(Noun)

    Something that is published or released once every two weeks.

    The local paper is a biweekly.

  2. biweekly(Adverb)

    Every two weeks.

  3. biweekly(Adverb)

    Twice a week (but see the Usage notes).

  4. biweekly(Adjective)

    Occurring once every two weeks.

  5. biweekly(Adjective)

    Occurring twice a week (but see the Usage notes).

Webster Dictionary

  1. Biweekly(adj)

    occurring or appearing once every two weeks; fortnightly

  2. Biweekly(noun)

    a publication issued every two weeks


  1. Biweekly

    Biweekly may refer to an event that occurs once every two weeks, or twice weekly. There are fifty-two full weeks in a year of twelve months, making for a possible 26 or 104 biweekly events in a year. This is a greater number than if such events were held twice a month, because most months have more than four weeks.


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