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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

ber•ga•motˈbɜr gəˌmɒt, -mət(n.)

  1. a small citrus tree, Citrus aurantium bergamia, having fruit with a rind that yields a fragrant essential oil.

    Category: Plants

  2. the oil or essence itself.

  3. any of various plants of the mint family yielding an oil resembling bergamot.

    Category: Plants

Origin of bergamot:

1610–20; earlier, a pear variety < F bergamote < It bergamotta < Turkish bey armudu lit., bey's pear

Princeton's WordNet

  1. bergamot, bergamot orange, Citrus bergamia(noun)

    small tree with pear-shaped fruit whose oil is used in perfumery; Italy

Webster Dictionary

  1. Bergamot(noun)

    a tree of the Orange family (Citrus bergamia), having a roundish or pear-shaped fruit, from the rind of which an essential oil of delicious odor is extracted, much prized as a perfume. Also, the fruit

  2. Bergamot(noun)

    a variety of mint (Mentha aquatica, var. glabrata)

  3. Bergamot(noun)

    the essence or perfume made from the fruit

  4. Bergamot(noun)

    a variety of pear

  5. Bergamot(noun)

    a variety of snuff perfumed with bergamot

  6. Bergamot(noun)

    a coarse tapestry, manufactured from flock of cotton or hemp, mixed with ox's or goat's hair; -- said to have been invented at Bergamo, Italy. Encyc. Brit


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