Definitions for begottenbɪˈgɒt n

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Princeton's WordNet

  1. begotten(adj)

    (of offspring) generated by procreation

    "naturally begotten child"

Webster Dictionary

  1. Begotten

    of Beget

  2. Begotten

    p. p. of Beget


  1. Begotten

    Begotten is a 1990 American experimental/horror film, written, produced and directed by E. Elias Merhige. The film deals with the story of Genesis, reimagining it. Merhige revealed during Q&A sessions that its primary inspiration was a near death experience he had when he was 19, after a car crash. Merhige also stated that he would like this film to be the first of a trilogy. He was experiencing difficulties getting proper funding, and at the time it was unknown if/when the two other films would be made. The second film of the unofficial trilogy, a 14-minute film entitled Din of Celestial Birds, deals with evolution. It premiered in 2006 on Turner Classic Movies, and was shot in similar visual fashion.


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