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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

bal•samˈbɔl səm(n.)

  1. any of various fragrant resins exuded from certain trees, esp. trees of the genus Commiphora, as balm-of-Gilead.

    Ref: Compare balm (def. 1). 1

  2. Ref: oleoresin (def. 1). 1

  3. any of various trees yielding a balsam, esp. the balsam fir.

    Category: Plants

  4. any of several plants belonging to the genus Impatiens, as I. balsamina, a common garden annual.

  5. any aromatic ointment for ceremonial or medicinal use.

    Category: Pharmacology

  6. Ref: balm (def. 6). 6

Origin of balsam:

bef. 1000; ME balsamum, OE balzaman < L balsamum < Gk bálsamon < Semitic (cf. Heb bāshām )

bal•sam•icbɔlˈsæm ɪk(adj.)

Princeton's WordNet

  1. balsamic, balsamy(adj)

    of or relating to or containing balsam

    "a balsamic fragrance"


  1. balsamic(Adjective)

    Producing balsam.

  2. balsamic(Adjective)

    Having the health-giving properties of balsam; soothing, restorative.

  3. balsamic(Adjective)

    Having the pleasant odour of balsam; balmy, fragrant.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Balsamic(adj)

    alt. of Balsamical


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