Definitions for ballyhooˈbæl iˌhu; ˌbæl iˈhu

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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

bal•ly•hooˈbæl iˌhu; ˌbæl iˈhu(n., v.; v. also; n.)(pl.)-hoos

  1. (n.)a clamorous and vigorous attempt to win customers or advance a cause; blatant advertising.

  2. clamor or outcry.

  3. (v.i.)to promote with ballyhoo.

Origin of ballyhoo:

1900–05, Amer.; of uncert. orig.

Princeton's WordNet

  1. ballyhoo, hoopla, hype, plug(verb)

    blatant or sensational promotion

  2. ballyhoo(verb)

    advertize noisily or blatantly


  1. Ballyhoo

    The ballyhoo or bally, Hemiramphus brasiliensis, is a baitfish of the halfbeak family. It is similar to the Balao halfbeak. Ballyhoo are frequently used as cut bait and for trolling purposes by saltwater sportsmen. Ballyhoo can also be seen above the waters skimming the surface to escape from their predators. The appearance is similar to skipping stones on the water.

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Kernerman English Multilingual Dictionary


noisy or sensational advertising or publicity

a lot of ballyhoo about the filmstar's visit.

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