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  1. balloon(noun)

    large tough nonrigid bag filled with gas or heated air

  2. balloon(verb)

    small thin inflatable rubber bag with narrow neck

  3. balloon(verb)

    ride in a hot-air balloon

    "He tried to balloon around the earth but storms forced him to land in China"

  4. balloon, inflate, billow(verb)

    become inflated

    "The sails ballooned"

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  1. balloon(Noun)

    An inflatable buoyant object, often (but not necessarily) round and flexible.

  2. balloon(Noun)

    Such an object as a childu2019s toy.

  3. balloon(Noun)

    Such an object designed to transport people through the air.

  4. balloon(Noun)

    A sac inserted into part of the body for therapeutic reasons; such as angioplasty.

  5. balloon(Noun)

    A speech bubble.

  6. balloon(Noun)

    A type of glass cup, sometimes used for brandy.

  7. balloon(Verb)

    To increase or expand rapidly.

  8. balloon(Verb)

    To go up or voyage in a balloon.

  9. Origin: 1570, "a game played with a large, inflated leather ball" (possibly via ballon) from pallone "large ball" from palla "ball", of origin, from palla "ball" from ballô, from bholn-, from . Akin to Old High German ballo, bal "ball" ( Ballen "bale"; Ball "ball"). More at ball.

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  1. Balloon(noun)

    a bag made of silk or other light material, and filled with hydrogen gas or heated air, so as to rise and float in the atmosphere; especially, one with a car attached for aerial navigation

  2. Balloon(noun)

    a ball or globe on the top of a pillar, church, etc., as at St. Paul's, in London

  3. Balloon(noun)

    a round vessel, usually with a short neck, to hold or receive whatever is distilled; a glass vessel of a spherical form

  4. Balloon(noun)

    a bomb or shell

  5. Balloon(noun)

    a game played with a large inflated ball

  6. Balloon(noun)

    the outline inclosing words represented as coming from the mouth of a pictured figure

  7. Balloon(verb)

    to take up in, or as if in, a balloon

  8. Balloon(verb)

    to go up or voyage in a balloon

  9. Balloon(verb)

    to expand, or puff out, like a balloon

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  1. Balloon

    A balloon is a flexible bag which can be inflated with a gas, such as helium, hydrogen, nitrous oxide, oxygen, or air. Modern balloons are made from materials such as rubber, latex, polychloroprene, or a nylon fabric, while some early balloons were made of dried animal bladders, such as the pig bladder. Some balloons are used for decorative purposes, while others are used for practical purposes such as meteorology, medical treatment, military defense, or transportation. A balloon's properties, including its low density and low cost, have led to a wide range of applications. The rubber balloon was invented by Michael Faraday in 1824, during the course of experiments with various gases.

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    Rank popularity for the word 'balloon' in Nouns Frequency: #2963

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