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  1. the physical lightness and strength that increases a dancer's elevation.

    Category: Music and Dance

Origin of ballon:

1820–30; < F: lit., balloon


  1. ballon(Noun)

    The quality of a jump by which a ballet dancer appears to pause in midair


  1. Ballon

    Ballon is the appearance of being lightweight and light-footed while jumping. It describes the quality, not the height or speed, of a jump. It is a desirable aesthetic in ballet and other dance genres, making it seem as though a dancer effortlessly becomes airborne, floats in the air, and lands softly. The name is widely thought to be derived from the French word ballon, though it has been dubiously claimed that the name was inspired by French ballet danseur Claude Balon, who was known for performing exceptionally light leaps.

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a large bag, made of light material and filled with a gas lighter than air

They decorated the dance-hall with balloons.

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