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Princeton's WordNet

  1. bail out, bale out(verb)

    remove (water) from a boat by dipping and throwing over the side


  1. Bale Out

    "Bale Out: RevoLucian's Christian Bale Remix!" is a satirical dance remix by American composer Lucian Piane, also known as RevoLucian, released on February 2, 2009, to YouTube and Myspace. The piece utilizes audio from a July 2008 rant made by actor Christian Bale on the set of Terminator Salvation. Various other elements are used in the remix, including pulsating dance track beats and clips of Barbra Streisand from a 2006 exchange with a supporter of then-President George W. Bush, creating the impression of Streisand arguing with Bale. The day after its release, the YouTube page for the song had been viewed over 200,000 times, and over a million times by February 5, 2009. The Associated Press called it a "hypnotic dance track", and United Press International noted it was "catchy", characterizing it as a "YouTube sensation". Gil Kaufman of described the piece as "a techno-ripping, demonic dance party". Time magazine's website called the track "hilarious", and Nine News characterized it as a "raging online success". The director of Terminator Salvation McG liked the remix and put a copy of it on his iPod, and Bale said he had heard the remix and thought "they did a good job".

Translations for bale out

Kernerman English Multilingual Dictionary

bale out

to parachute from a plane in an emergency.

  • uitspringAfrikaans
  • يَقْفِزُ بالمِظَلَّهArabic
  • скачам с парашутBulgarian
  • saltarPortuguese (BR)
  • seskočit z letadla (s padákem)Czech
  • mit dem Fallschirm abspringenGerman
  • springe udDanish
  • πέφτω από αεροπλάνο με αλεξίπτωτο σε περίπτωση κινδύνουGreek
  • lanzarse/saltar en paracaídasSpanish
  • langevarjuga alla hüppamaEstonian
  • پریدن با چتر نجات در مواقع اضطراریFarsi
  • pelastautua lentokoneesta laskuvarjollaFinnish
  • sauter en parachuteFrench
  • לִצְנוֹח מִמָטוֹסHebrew
  • छतरी से उतरनाHindi
  • iskočiti padobranomCroatian
  • menerjunkan diri dengan parasutIndonesian
  • stökkva út í fallhlífIcelandic
  • lanciarsi col paracaduteItalian
  • パラシュートで脱出するJapanese
  • 낙하산으로 탈출하다Korean
  • iššokti parašiutu, katapultuotisLithuanian
  • izlēkt ar izpletniLatvian
  • terjun keluarMalay
  • uit een vleigtuig springenDutch
  • hoppe utNorwegian
  • wyskoczyć, katapultować sięPolish
  • پریدن با چتر نجات در مواقع اضطراریPersian
  • په اضطراری حالاتو كي له پراشوت څخه كار اخسيتلPashto
  • saltarPortuguese
  • a se paraşutaRomanian
  • выбрасываться с парашютомRussian
  • núdzovo vyskočiť s padákomSlovak
  • izskočiti s padalomSlovenian
  • iskočiti padobranomSerbian
  • hoppa med (rädda sig i) fallskärmSwedish
  • กระโดดร่มหนีThai
  • paraşütle atlamakTurkish
  • 緊急跳傘Chinese (Trad.)
  • викидатися з парашутомUkrainian
  • ہنگامی حالت میں طیارے سے بذریعہ پیراشوٹ باہر آناUrdu
  • nhảy dù khỏi máy bay hỏngVietnamese
  • 跳伞Chinese (Simp.)

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