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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

balebeɪl(n.; v.)baled, bal•ing.

  1. (n.)a large bundle, esp. one tightly compressed and secured by wires, cords, or the like:

    a bale of cotton.

  2. (v.t.)to make into bales.

Origin of bale:

1350–1400; ME < AL bala, AF bale pack, bale < Frankish *balla; cf. ball1



  1. evil; harm; misfortune.

  2. woe; misery; sorrow.

* Archaic..

Origin of bale:

bef. 1000; ME; OE bealu, balu, c. OHG balo, ON bǫl, Go balw-


  1. Category: Geography (places)

    Ref: French name of Basel .

Princeton's WordNet

  1. bale(noun)

    a large bundle bound for storage or transport

  2. Basel, Basle, Bale(verb)

    a city in northwestern Switzerland

  3. bale(verb)

    make into a bale

    "bale hay"

Webster Dictionary

  1. Bale(noun)

    a bundle or package of goods in a cloth cover, and corded for storage or transportation; also, a bundle of straw / hay, etc., put up compactly for transportation

  2. Bale(verb)

    to make up in a bale

  3. Bale(verb)

    see Bail, v. t., to lade

  4. Bale(noun)

    misery; calamity; misfortune; sorrow

  5. Bale(noun)

    evil; an evil, pernicious influence; something causing great injury


  1. Balé Province

    Balé is one of the 45 provinces of Burkina Faso, located in its Boucle du Mouhoun Region with Boromo as capital. Its area is 4,595 km², and in 2006 had a population of 213,897. Boromo is located on the main road from Ouagadougou to Bobo-Dioulasso and known for its National Park where one can see savannah elephant herds.

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Kernerman English Multilingual Dictionary


a large bundle of goods or material (cloth, hay etc) tied together

a bale of cotton.

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