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Princeton's WordNet

  1. bale(noun)

    a large bundle bound for storage or transport

  2. Basel, Basle, Bale(verb)

    a city in northwestern Switzerland

  3. bale(verb)

    make into a bale

    "bale hay"

Webster Dictionary

  1. Bale(noun)

    a bundle or package of goods in a cloth cover, and corded for storage or transportation; also, a bundle of straw / hay, etc., put up compactly for transportation

  2. Bale(verb)

    to make up in a bale

  3. Bale(verb)

    see Bail, v. t., to lade

  4. Bale(noun)

    misery; calamity; misfortune; sorrow

  5. Bale(noun)

    evil; an evil, pernicious influence; something causing great injury

Chambers 20th Century Dictionary

  1. Bale

    bāl, n. a bundle, or package of goods: (obs.) the set of dice for any special game.—v.t. to make into bales. [M. E. bale, perh. from O. Fr. bale—Old High Ger. balla, palla, ball. See Ball.]

  2. Bale

    bāl, v.t. to throw out water [See Bail.]

  3. Bale

    bāl, n. evil, injury, mischief: misery: woe.—adj. Bale′ful, full of misery, destructive: full of sorrow, sad.—adv. Bale′fully.—n. Bale′fulness.—Bliss and bale are often alliteratively opposed; also Boot and bale. [A.S. bealu; Old High Ger. balo; Ice. böl.]

  4. Bale

    bāl, n. (arch.Morris) a fire, funeral pyre: (Scot.) a beacon-fire.—n. Bale′-fire, a blazing fire: a beacon-fire: a bonfire. Spenser confounds with Bale, woe. [A.S. bæl; Scand. bál; cog. with Gr. phalos, bright. See Beltane.]

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