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  1. Bahia grass, Paspalum notatum(noun)

    perennial tropical American grass used as pasture grass in arid areas of the Gulf States


  1. Paspalum notatum

    Paspalum notatum, known commonly as bahiagrass, common bahia, and Pensacola bahia, is a tropical to subtropical perennial grass. It is known for its prominent V-shaped inflorescence consisting of two spike-like racemes containing multiple tiny spikelets, each about 2.8–3.5 millimetres long. This grass is low-growing and creeping with stolons and stout, scaly rhizomes. The stolons are pressed firmly to the ground and root freely from the internodes, forming a dense sod. The flat, tough-textured leaves are usually hairless, with blades 2–6 millimetres wide. They are flat, folded, and inrolled, tapering to a fine point. The leaf bases at the terminus of each rhizome usually have a purplish hue. The stems reach 20–75 centimetres tall. The terminal dual racemes are each attached to the top of a slender stem or with one slightly below the other. There is occasionally a third. The spikelets closely overlap in two rows. They are broad, rounded, smooth and shiny. Inside each spikelet is a tiny flower. The tiny, black, featherlike stigmas and black stamens can be seen dangling at the tips of the flowers.

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