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  1. bagpipes(Noun)

    A musical wind instrument having a flexible bag inflated by a tube or bellows, a double-reed melody pipe and up to four drone pipes. There are several types from different national traditions, each having peculiar characteristics.

    Bagpipes are traditionally played in most Celtic regions and many former parts of the British Empire

  2. Origin: bag + the plural of pipe


  1. Bagpipes

    Bagpipes are a class of musical instrument, aerophones, using enclosed reeds fed from a constant reservoir of air in the form of a bag. Though the Scottish Great Highland Bagpipe and Irish uilleann pipes have the greatest international visibility, bagpipes have been played for centuries throughout large parts of Europe, the Caucasus, around the Persian Gulf and in Northern Africa. The term "bagpipe" is equally correct in the singular or plural, although in the English language, pipers most commonly talk of "the pipes" or "a set of pipes".


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