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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

bagn•ioˈbæn yoʊ, ˈbɑn-(n.)(pl.)-ios.

  1. a brothel.

  2. Archaic. a prison for slaves, esp. in the Orient.

Origin of bagnio:

1590–1600; < It bagno bath < L balneum, balineum < Gk balaneîon

Princeton's WordNet

  1. whorehouse, brothel, bordello, bagnio, house of prostitution, house of ill repute, bawdyhouse, cathouse, sporting house(noun)

    a building where prostitutes are available

  2. bathhouse, bagnio(noun)

    a building containing public baths


  1. bagnio(Noun)


Webster Dictionary

  1. Bagnio(noun)

    a house for bathing, sweating, etc.; -- also, in Turkey, a prison for slaves

  2. Bagnio(noun)

    a brothel; a stew; a house of prostitution


  1. Bagnio

    A Bagnio was originally a bath or bath-house. The term was then used to name the prison for hostages in Istanbul, which was near the bath-house, and thereafter all the slave prisons in the Ottoman Empire and the Barbary regencies. In the Barbary prisons, the hostages of the pirates spent their nights there, leaving during the day to work as laborers, galley slaves, or domestic servants. Bagne became the French word for the prisons of the galley slaves in the French Navy, and later a generic term in French for any hard labour prison. The last one in European France was closed in 1873. The communication between master and slave and between slaves of different origins was made in Lingua Franca, a Mediterranean pidgin with Romance and Arabic lexicon. The French penal colony on the Îles du Salut was also called a Bagne, and features in the famous bestseller Papillon. In England, it was originally used to name coffee houses which offered Turkish baths, but by 1740 it signified a place where rooms could be hired with no questions asked, later a house of prostitution.

Anagrams of bagnio

  1. gabion


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