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Random House Webster's College Dictionary


  1. to return over the same course or route.

  2. to withdraw from an undertaking, position, etc.; reverse a policy.

Origin of backtrack:

1715–25, Amer.

Princeton's WordNet

  1. backtrack, turn back, double back(verb)

    retrace one's course

    "The hikers got into a storm and had to turn back"


  1. backtrack(Noun)

    the act of backtracking

  2. backtrack(Verb)

    to retrace one's steps

    I dropped my sunglasses and had to backtrack to find them.

  3. backtrack(Verb)

    to repeat or review work already done

    If we backtrack through this problem, maybe we can figure out where we went wrong.

  4. backtrack(Verb)

    To taxi down an active runway in the opposite direction to that being used for takeoff

    Speedbird One: Enter and backtrack Runway 27 Left


  1. BackTrack

    BackTrack was a distribution based on the Debian GNU/Linux distribution aimed at digital forensics and penetration testing use. It was named after backtracking, a search algorithm. In March 2013 the Offensive Security team later replaced it with a successor product, Kali Linux.

Anagrams of backtrack

  1. trackback, TrackBack

  2. TrackBack


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