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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

back•fireˈbækˌfaɪər(v.; n.)-fired, -fir•ing

  1. (v.i.)(of an internal-combustion engine) to have a loud, premature explosion in the intake manifold.

    Category: Automotive

  2. to bring a result opposite to that planned.

  3. to start a fire deliberately in order to check a forest or prairie fire by creating a barren area in advance of it.

  4. (n.)(in an internal-combustion engine) a premature, explosive ignition of fuel in the intake manifold.

    Category: Automotive

  5. an explosion coming out of the breech of a firearm.

  6. a fire started intentionally to check the advance of a forest fire.

Origin of backfire:

1775–85, Amer.

Princeton's WordNet

  1. blowback, backfire(noun)

    the backward escape of gases and unburned gunpowder after a gun is fired

  2. backfire(noun)

    a loud noise made by the explosion of fuel in the manifold or exhaust of an internal combustion engine

  3. backfire(noun)

    a fire that is set intentionally in order to slow an approaching forest fire or grassfire by clearing a burned area in its path

  4. backfire, boomerang(verb)

    a miscalculation that recoils on its maker

  5. backfire, backlash, recoil(verb)

    come back to the originator of an action with an undesired effect

    "Your comments may backfire and cause you a lot of trouble"

  6. backfire(verb)

    emit a loud noise as a result of undergoing a backfire

    "My old car backfires all the time"

  7. backfire(verb)

    set a controlled fire to halt an advancing forest to prairie fire


  1. backfire(Verb)

    (Of a gun or cannon) to fire in the opposite direction, for example due to an obstruction in the barrel.

  2. backfire(Verb)

    To fail in a manner that brings down further misfortune.

    His attempt to make money by importing luxury cars horribly backfired when fuel prices tripled.

  3. Origin: From back + fire.


  1. Backfire!

    Backfire! is a 3D rally racing arcade game released by Data East in 1995. Players can choose between 2 fictitious rally cars, "Farco R4 Cup" or "Andula 2.0", and race through 6 stages. It is also possible to play one against another on a split screen.

Anagrams of backfire

  1. fireback

Translations for backfire

Kernerman English Multilingual Dictionary


(of a motor-car etc) to make a loud bang because of unburnt gases in the exhaust system

The car backfired.

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