Definitions for bacchanaliaˌbæk əˈneɪ li ə, -ˈneɪl yə

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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

Bac•cha•na•li•aˌbæk əˈneɪ li ə, -ˈneɪl yə(n.)(pl.)-li•a, -li•as.

  1. (sometimes used with a pl. v.) a festival in honor of Bacchus.

    Category: Antiquities

    Ref: Compare Dionysia.

  2. (l.c.) a drunken feast.

Origin of Bacchanalia:

1625–35; < L, =Bacch(us)+-ān(us) -an1+-ālia, neut. pl. of -ālis -al1

bac`cha•na′li•an(adj.; n.)

Princeton's WordNet

  1. Dionysia, Bacchanalia(noun)

    an orgiastic festival in ancient Greece in honor of Dionysus (= Bacchus)

  2. orgy, debauch, debauchery, saturnalia, riot, bacchanal, bacchanalia, drunken revelry(noun)

    a wild gathering involving excessive drinking and promiscuity


  1. Bacchanalia(Noun)

    A feast or an orgy in honor of Bacchus.

  2. Bacchanalia(Noun)

    Hence: A drunken feast; drunken revels; an orgy.

  3. bacchanalia(Noun)

    A wild, orgiastic party or celebration.

  4. Origin: From Bacchanalia.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Bacchanalia

    a feast or an orgy in honor of Bacchus

  2. Bacchanalia

    hence: A drunken feast; drunken reveler


  1. Bacchanalia

    The bacchanalia were wild and mystic festivals of the Greco-Roman god Bacchus, the wine god. The term has since come to describe any form of drunken revelry.


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