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ax•i•onˈæk siˌɒn(n.)

  1. an elementary particle having no charge, zero spin, and small mass, postulated to exist by some forms of quantum chromodynamics.

    Category: Physics

Origin of axion:

1978; axi(al)+ -on1


  1. axion(Noun)

    a hypothetical subatomic particle postulated to explain some symmetry problems arising in the strong nuclear force.

  2. Origin: Named by after Axion, a brand of laundry detergent, for its -on suffix and the notion that the new particle could "clean up" a problem in physics.


  1. Axion

    The axion is a hypothetical elementary particle postulated by the Peccei–Quinn theory in 1977 to resolve the strong CP problem in quantum chromodynamics. If axions exist and have low mass within a specific range, they are of interest as a possible component of cold dark matter.

Anagrams of axion

  1. axino

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