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  1. Atlantean(Noun)

    An inhabitant of the mythical island of Atlantis.

  2. Atlantean(Noun)

    The language supposedly spoken by the inhabitants of Atlantis.

  3. Atlantean(Noun)

    A language invented for the 2001 animated film Atlantis: The Lost Empire.

  4. Atlantean(Noun)

    An atlantean pillar or statue (one in the form of an architectural atlas)

  5. Atlantean(Adjective)

    Of or like the Greek titan Atlas, who carries the heavens on his shoulders, as in Atlantean strength

  6. Atlantean(Adjective)

    Of the celestial spheres carried by Atlas

  7. Atlantean(Adjective)

    Of an architectural atlas or atlantid, or reminiscent of such: atlantean figures

  8. Atlantean(Adjective)

    Of the mythical island of Atlantis, its people, or its civilization.

  9. Atlantean(Adjective)

    flooded or submerged, especially in case of a natural disaster, reminiscent of the way Atlantis sank into the ocean

  10. Atlantean(Adjective)

    of Saturn's moon Atlas

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  1. Atlantean(adj)

    of or pertaining to the isle Atlantis, which the ancients allege was sunk, and overwhelmed by the ocean

  2. Atlantean(adj)

    pertaining to, or resembling, Atlas; strong

  3. Origin: [L. Atlantus.]

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  1. Atlantean

    Atlantean is a quartet of documentary films and accompanying book by Irish film maker Bob Quinn. The films and book dismissed as myth the popular belief in "Celtic" origins of the inhabitants of Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Cornwall, Asturias, Brittany and Galicia and proposed instead that they are part of a common 'Atlantean' culture that includes the western seaboard of Europe and North Africa. Barry Cunliffe and John T. Koch have now edited "Celtic From The West"- Alternative Perspectives from Archaeology, Genetics, Language and Literature - which largely supports Bob Quinn's original speculations.


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