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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

as•pi•rateˈæs pəˌreɪt; -pər ɪt(v.; n., adj.; n.; adj.)-rat•ed, -rat•ing

  1. (v.t.)to articulate (a speech sound, esp. a stop) so as to produce an audible puff of breath, as in the first t of to articulate (the beginning of a word or syllable) with an h-sound.


    Category: Phonetics

  2. to remove (a fluid) from a body cavity by aspiration. to inhale (fluid or a foreign body).

    Category: Medicine

  3. to draw or remove by suction.

  4. (n.)a speech sound produced with an audible puff of breath, as initial stop consonants in English or initial h-sounds.

    Category: Phonetics

  5. the substance or contents inhaled in aspiration.

    Category: Medicine

  6. (adj.)(of a speech sound) pronounced with or accompanied by aspiration; aspirated.

    Category: Phonetics

Origin of aspirate:

1660–70; < L aspīrātus, ptp. of aspīrāre. See aspire

Princeton's WordNet

  1. aspirate(verb)

    a consonant pronounced with aspiration

  2. aspirate, draw out, suck out(verb)

    remove as if by suction

    "aspirate the wound"

  3. aspirate(verb)

    pronounce with aspiration; of stop sounds

  4. aspirate(verb)

    suck in (air)


  1. aspirate(Noun)

    The puff of air accompanying the release of a plosive consonant.

  2. aspirate(Noun)

    A sound produced by such a puff of air.

  3. aspirate(Verb)

    To remove a liquid or gas by means of suction.

  4. aspirate(Verb)

    To inhale so as to draw something other than air into one's lungs.

  5. aspirate(Verb)

    To produce an audible puff of breath. especially following a consonant.

  6. aspirate(Adjective)


  7. Origin: From aspiratus, perfect passive participle of aspiro.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Aspirate(verb)

    to pronounce with a breathing, an aspirate, or an h sound; as, we aspirate the words horse and house; to aspirate a vowel or a liquid consonant

  2. Aspirate(noun)

    a sound consisting of, or characterized by, a breath like the sound of h; the breathing h or a character representing such a sound; an aspirated sound

  3. Aspirate(noun)

    a mark of aspiration (/) used in Greek; the asper, or rough breathing

  4. Aspirate(noun)

    an elementary sound produced by the breath alone; a surd, or nonvocal consonant; as, f, th in thin, etc

  5. Aspirate(adj)

    alt. of Aspirated

Anagrams of aspirate

  1. parasite, pastiera


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